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Tree Services in Brevard County, Forida.

Trees are some of the most prominent features of well cared for home. They provide homeowners with shade and much needed foliage. While most don't realize it, trees need a lot of attention to thrive. Neglected trees can cause a number of issues, even putting a homeowner's safety at risk. Billy's Tree Service can provides different tree services ranging from routine trimming and thinning to full removal. We specialize in Florida trees, like beautiful Live Oak trees found throughout Brevard. Professionals have the knowledge and experience to care for trees to International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) standards.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree trimming is essential in keeping a tree healthy and safe. Trees can easily overgrow, becoming hazardous and unappealing, especially in some of the older developments in the Brevard area with mature Oak trees. Trimming will help to improve the tree's appearance and remove any branches that may harm the home or its occupants.
Click here to view a video of Billy dropping a limb over a house

The professionals at Billy's Tree Service are familiar with native Florida trees found In Brevard and the surrounding areas. We know how to spot disease and pests common to our Florida plants. Professionals will trim and prune a tree in a manner that promotes healthy growth.

Tree Removal Service in Brevard County

Tree removal can be very dangerous when around structure and people. An experienced arborist is necessary to maintain safety for people and surrounding property. Homeowners should never attempt to remove a tree alone, as they risk harm to the home and personal injury.
Click here to view a video of Billy dropping a limb over a house

Arborists will safely and effectively remove a tree while following strict safety guidelines. Tree removal requires great skill and experience. It's not as simple as cutting it down from the trunk. Instead, Billy's Tree Service will use heavy machinery or ropes and pulleys in the event of tight working space in order to remove the tree safely.

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What About Palm Tree Pruning?

Palm trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape. However, they are one of the few trees that require regular pruning to remain healthy. Many Cocoa Beach homeowners have a pool or patio surrounded with tropical palm trees. Pruning palm trees to remove fruit, flowers, and seed pods will allow the tree to grow optimally. It will also prevent stains to driveways and walkways, and keep debris from clogging up pool filters. We also remove dead, broken leaves (fronds) and any fronds that create a safety hazard. To avoid damaging the tree we recommend leaving fronds parallel to the ground, and avoid deep cuts into the boots. Some tree companies over prune palm trees by removing too many fronds at one time. The fronds are the only source of food for the tree, so we are careful to remove only the fronds necessary. Of course, every species of palm tree is different so it is best to have one of our professionals advise you as to how often your palm trees should be pruned.

Dead Wooding

The process of dead-wooding helps a tree to grow properly and maintain its overall durability. While a tree may be healthy, single branches can easily decay and die off. Furthermore, individual branches can experience diseases that have not spread throughout the tree. Billy's Tree Services can remove these branches to prevent spread of the disease and encourage healing. Removing the branches will make way for new growth. This is often done during thinning.

Billy's Tree Service will be able to assess branches and determine which ones need to go. Cuts will be made to the dead or damaged branches off in a manner that will improve the health of the tree. Removing these branches also reduces the chances of bug infestation. Bugs are often attracted to dying branches, eventually spreading throughout the tree. Removing these branches will ensure that the tree stays healthy, beautiful, and strong throughout its life.

Why is tree care important?

Tree care is often neglected, or forgotten altogether, by homeowners and business owners alike. Unfortunately, taking care of our trees is usually done after the tree becomes a hazard, or after a storm when the tree damages property. Brevard has many mature trees and homeowners in the area benefit from the added value these trees add to their property. The large canopy of mature trees creates a pleasing outdoor environment and protection from the hot sun. But disease and damage to your tree can result in loss of the tree or potential property damage. When you’re thinking of property maintenance like tree care, it is best to also have a professional evaluate the overall health and appearance of your trees. Being proactive through preventative maintenance will protect the health and beauty of your trees, as well as your property value.

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